Former Sega producer claims Yuji Naka helped kill a lost Dreamcast

Mark Subotnick, who was a producer on Sega of America during the Dreamcast era, claims that producer Yuji Naka was responsible for the cancellation of one of the console’s exclusive titles, Geist Force. on The retro hour podcast, shared his version of what really happened behind the scenes in relation to Star Fox-style game Subotnick.

First reported by Nintendo life, Geist Force was intended as the launch title for Dreamcast in North America, but was canceled due to Sega’s lack of confidence in the title, missed deadlines and internal disagreements. Subotnick says that even though the game was a Star Fox clone, he thought Spirit Force had a cool narrative and a diverse cast. He said: “Looking back, we were actually ahead of our time.”

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