For Camping Trips and Emergencies: Gas Stove Offer on Amazon

Gas stoves are very useful if you want to cook something while camping or if the electricity needs to be turned off. It is therefore very convenient to have such a device in the basement. The Imex gas stove that Amazon offers for just under 65 euros (to offer), has a piezo ignition, comes with a case and sixteen gas cartridges. You can either run the flame open or attach the supplied grill plate.

Our assessment:

Basically, a cheap gas stove isn’t a bad idea. After all, you get 16 gas cartridges for the required amount of just under 75 euros. The device is generally well rated, but some dissatisfied reviewers point out possible shipping damage.

It is better to check the stove immediately after unpacking it, otherwise the warranty period has expired at the end. And be sure not to operate the stove indoors and provide adequate ventilation while watching the blue flames.

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