For better construction site sound: the Blaupunkt construction site radio at Aldi

The device is not as cheap as the discount model. It doesn’t even come with a battery. But you can operate it from the outlet. In addition, the device is compatible with all Makita Li-ion batteries from 7.2 to 18 volts that may already be available on the job site – with the exception of maktec or G-series batteries.

Thanks to the protection class IP64, this radio is better protected against the ingress of dust than the Aldi device. Although you’ll pay more than double, you’ll probably enjoy it for longer. It is a pity that the USB port cannot be used for playback devices. The fact that battery and charger are not included in delivery is an additional cost factor, but if you already work with Makita tools and suitable batteries, the purchase is worthwhile.

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