For a short time: stream “The Last of Us” and other series hits for less

Sky and WOW have launched bundles that give users access to a wide, high-quality offer for less money. However, only for a short time. Discounted WOW packages are available until February 8, 2023:

Anyone who books the WOW Series package on this date only pays EUR 7.99 per month for six months instead of the actual EUR 9.99. And if you book the combined WOW films & series subscription, you pay 9.98 euros, here the original price would be 14.98 euros. After the six months, the amount increases automatically, but WOW packages can be canceled on a monthly basis.

Exactly the right time for anyone who wants to follow “The Last of Us” or watch “Interview with a Vampire” until the end of March. More recently, WOW released major titles in 2022, such as the German darts drama “Die Waspe” or the fantasy epic “House of the Dragon”.

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