Flavor Flav “emotionally shaken” after an almost fatal car accident in which a boulder almost crushed him

Roommate, let’s keep Flavor Flav in our prayers. He was involved in a near fatal car accident while driving a car today. According to People, Flav was on the road from Las Vegas to Los Angeles when rain tumbled a boulder off a cliff and landed on the side of his car.

The cliff was in La Tuna Canyon, and when the boulder hit the side of his car, the impact momentarily lost control of Flav. He could safely get to the other side of the street, however. Another driver reportedly saw the accident and stopped to make sure the rapper was safe.

A representative for Flav says if he had driven just a few meters in a different direction, the incident might have killed him. The rep also said that Flav is fine. “Thank God he survived and is fine, albeit a little emotionally troubled,” said the spokesman. Flav appeared to have stayed out of the public eye until recently when he was arrested in Las Vegas in October after an argument over domestic violence.

As we already reported, the public enemy hype man is said to have grabbed a woman, stuck his finger in the nose and face, grabbed her and threw her to the ground. He is also said to have taken a phone out of her hand. Billboard reported the alleged victim was one of his child’s mothers. Unfortunately, her son ended the fight before his mother fell on Flav, according to police. When the officers arrived, they also reported a cut on the woman’s face. Released a statement to PEOPLE about the incident, Flav’s attorneys David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld wrote, “In alleged domestic violence cases there are often two sides to the story and we will explain our side in the courtroom rather than the media. “We wish Flav a speedy recovery!

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