Flavor Flav describes his almost fatal car accident: “I’m still traumatized”

Flavor Flav speaks about the near-fatal car accident that occurred yesterday when a boulder fell on the side of his car while driving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Flav sat up with Kevin Frazier AND online and said he was grateful to be still alive and said the incident terrified him. “I drove through the gorge and didn’t know there were falling rocks, you know what I mean?” He said. “I’ve seen a lot of stones in the street and everything and I said, ‘Okay, some stones are falling here.'”

Before the accident, Flav told Kevin that he was only going 60 mph. The Public Enemy hype man said and if he had been driving at a speed of 42 or 70 mph it would have pushed him up a few seconds earlier, which would have caused the boulder to remove the hood and windshield would have crushed him wagon. “I’m still traumatized, brother. I’m watching flashbacks like crazy right now, “said the rapper. “When I went to sleep last night, all I saw was a big rock falling in front of my car, man. The only thing I could do for myself is leave it in the past now, just move forward because I am grateful to be here. … I feel like a cat that has just got a new life. “

The rapper also took a second to praise God for sparing his life. He declared that God was good and that God was not ready for him yet. The conversation didn’t just end there. Flav also had a little tea when he mentioned that he may be bringing back his hit reality TV show “Flavor Of Love” with the help of Kris Jenner as a potential producer. Roommate, would you be here for a new version of the show?

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