Fireworks allowed in 2022? These are the rules for New Year’s Eve

Burning New Year’s Eve fireworks create air pollution and waste. For this reason, Munich, for example, has stipulated by general decree that firecrackers are prohibited in the Mittlerer Ring due to fine dust, which can lead to respiratory problems.

Basically, the following applies throughout Germany: No pyrotechnics may be burned in the immediate vicinity of churches, hospitals, children’s and elderly homes or particularly fire-sensitive buildings, c i.e. no fireworks or rockets can be ignited. This is regulated by law (§23 paragraph 1 SprengV) and has been in force since 1977.

Many cities just adhere to this regulation and do not provide for other no-go zones. These include Wiesbaden, Homburg, Völklingen, Potsdam and Flensburg.

All in all, we can say: Yes, fireworks are allowed again on New Year’s Eve 2022. Fireworks are also regularly available again in supermarkets and discounters. In case of firecrackers, however, the prohibited areas of the respective cities and the general legal regulations must be observed.

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