Firefox crashes 70% less: this simple trick helped

According to the developers, Firefox often crashed due to an out of memory error, but only on Windows. This is because the system does not allow individual applications to allocate more storage space than is physically available. Each process must bind to areas of memory, even if there is no data written to it, this is the commit memory.

Many users reported that although they often installed several gigabytes of RAM, the commit memory was simply full. Firefox developers suspect that this is often occupied by graphics drivers.

What happens then? If the out of memory error occurs, Windows does not automatically kill the processes, but leaves the rest to the applications themselves, after which more memory is freed.

Mozilla therefore made its Firefox wait a bit instead of closing and crashing. Thus, the failed memory allocation can be retried. So there is a problem at most for a second, but then you can continue to work without any problems.

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