Fines are imminent: German drivers must always have it with them in the future

Going forward, all car, truck or bus drivers will be required to add two face masks to their first aid kits. So that means not throwing away your old first aid kit, but rather adding two face masks.

DIN 13164:2022, which replaces 13164:2014, applies to new first aid kits. With the new DIN standard, both face masks are used in all new first aid kits. Even after the pandemic, masks should stay in the car’s first aid kit. We are only talking about face masks. Ergo: There is no FFP2 obligation. We recommend playing it safe and putting two FFP2 masks in your first aid kit, which you can buy on Amazon, for example.

If your car does not contain a first aid kit after the official StVZO tuning or if it is not complete, you violate them. As a rule, you risk a fine of five euros. If you are the owner of a vehicle and you have your car driven by another person who is not equipped with a complete first aid kit, you will have to pay around ten euros.

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