Finally Only Blue Tanks: New Mario Kart Update Brings New Routes and Item Rules

It’s been a while to come, but wave 3 of the rappel route passes for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe finally available for download. Also included: Eight new routes and one new item customization. You can now freely choose which items appear in item boxes – so why not a pure Bullet Willi or Blue Tank duel? We tested the new content for you.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Track Pass: New Tracks in Wave 3

As in previous updates, the third wave of the booster route pass will be joined by eight new routes split into two cups Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Also, like at least in the second wave, there is even a brand new track, but the majority of them are newly launched retro routes.

First of all: while the first wave was criticized from many quarters for the new simplified graphic style of the routes, the third wave looks excellent. Whether it’s the reflections in the snowy Christmas mountain or the semi-transparent rainbow trail and piles of leaves in the leafy forest: the new routes are beautiful.

This is joined by the main game’s smooth 60fps (at least with up to two players). Whether this impression is due to the fact that Nintendo’s graphics department has actually gone into third gear or that I just got used to the new style, god the plumber knows.

A total of eight new routes are divided into Rock Cup and Moon Cup. You can reach them again in the selection screen via the separate section above the previous cups. These tracks are part of the party:

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Track Pass Wave 3 Tracks
London tour (trip)
Buu Huu Valley (GBA)
mountain path (3DS)
leaf forest (Wii)
berlin sidewalk (trip)
Peach Castle Garden (DS)
mountain gift (>NEW<)
Rainbow Boulevard (3DS)
(Image: Nintendo)

Running through Berlin? That’s what I find annoying!

This should be one of Welle Drei’s big strengths, especially for us Germans: berlin sidewalk. One or the other go-kart fan could probably get our capital’s inspired route from the cell phone offshoot Mario Kart Tour may be familiar, but racing through the “Mario Kart station”, under the Brandenburg Gate and around the Victory Column remains fascinating. Particularly clever: the Wummps, which fall on the track as part of the Berlin Wall.

In general, the Moon Cup is a real highlight. Although Peach Castle Garden Nice to look at and creatively designed with some elements like the maze, Monty moles and Mario fountain, but the real hits come after.

mountain gift is Welle Drei’s only brand new track, but it has it all. Matching the current season, it spreads festive cheer around every corner. Brightly colored houses, snow-capped peaks, a flying train loaded with gifts: there’s plenty to see here for holiday lovers. The final descent of the winter mountain is particularly pleasant.

But the new track can’t do that either Rainbow Boulevard take. Traditionally, each Mario Kart on such a colorful route through the vastness of space, but on the 3DS, Nintendo pulled out all the stops. We fly through the stars, drift above Saturn’s ring, jump over craters on the moon’s surface, and try to stay grounded in a rotating tube. Speaking of the floor: this one is particularly chic in the new version. Slightly transparent and with a mobile texture, its grace almost reduces the frustration that arises when we run full throttle on the edge again.

Race through London? O great skies!

The Rock Cup finds it difficult to compare directly to the exceptional Moon Cup, but it also knows how to convince. Let’s start with the London tour. Here we pass telephone booths on London Bridge and past the London Eye or Big Ben. The route of the course changes with each lap, so it can suddenly cross Hyde Park. It’s a gadget that’s used more often in this wave, but it really comes into its own here. In terms of play, the trip to the UK relies more on the tried and true.

The reissue of Buu Huu Valley turns the original GameBoy upside down. Now we run not only on water, but also on steep bridges and around tight turns. Water effects are optically the most beautiful thing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe currently has to offer.

Even younger players should still be able to use the mountain path be familiar with the 3DS offshoot. This focuses in particular on the new glider functionality and allows us to fly through a deep forest gorge before climbing a wide jump again. A fun track, far from the long flight but without real highlights.

From leaf forest comes from the days of the Wii and not only allows us to maneuver around trees, but also to roll directly over them. Shot at the top with a cannon, we run over wide branches, past wigglers and over a suspension bridge with a risk of falling. Probably one of the most creative courses of the new wave of course passes and a real pleasure for those nostalgic for the Wii in particular.

Total chaos through item customization

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Item Selection
Finally, annoying elements can be turned off or furious elements can be highlighted. (Source: CHIP Level Up)

The new update doesn’t just bring innovations for booster pass buyers. All players, whether or not they have a pass, can now individually determine before starting the journey which items should appear and which should not.

Do you want to ban those boring parts? No problem. Or do you want to go crazy with lots of bloopers and banana switches? ink How about a game where you only launch blue tanks? The winners will thank you. Even though the chaos can be great:

Conclusion on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Track Pass Wave 3

Wave One has not yet succeeded in convincing us all along the line. This was mainly due to the unusually detailed graphic style, which gave the lawn a slightly bitter aftertaste due to the retro tracks. Whether it’s getting used to the styling or a real wake-up call from the graphics department, Wave Three looks great.

The great look is complemented by a large choice of routes. Thanks to the 3DS Rainbow Boulevard and the new Christmas track, the Moon Cup is one of the best cups in the entire game.

The 25 euros for the pass have now been fully paid – and there are still 24 routes to come. When and what it will be is not yet known. According to the initial planning, all tracks should have appeared by the end of 2023.


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Track Pass Booster

A whopping 48 courses will be released for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe by the end of 2023. The first eight are already ready and let the gang race through new editions of classic courses. The Track Pass includes all past and future DLC waves.
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Platforms: nintendo switch

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