Square Enix has warned players ahead During the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Early Access Period, the servers could be overloaded.

The team is anticipating more concurrent logins than usual, so the servers were tweaked prior to the release of Endwalker to increase the login caps. Due to the ongoing shortage of semiconductors, Square Enix was unable to add new worlds, but will be considered later.

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When a world reaches its maximum player limit, a login queue will appear. Even if the countdown does not start, the process will still work and players will be admitted in turn. Players who own the full version of the game are preferred to those who own the free trial version. In less crowded worlds, players can log into the same data center as their home world, but during peak hours, players can still have login queues when using this feature.

In terms of characters, new ones cannot be created in a world that is congested. Creating new characters requires them to be logged into the world in order for them to be added to the database and to go through the entire creation process. Players can also experience an “Error 2002” when selecting a character from the drop-down menu. This is also due to high traffic or when a login queue exceeds 17,000 players. To avoid this, players simply have to wait before trying to log in again.

In addition, all players who are inactive for 30 minutes will be automatically logged out to reduce server overload. Square Enix also mentions changes to instanced content, which is a copy of an area made for a small number of players. Player traffic will be staggered during the main scenario and quest progression, and a queue will be set up in case of traffic jams. Players are given a queue number and all they have to do is wait to be let into instantiated areas.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion will be released on December 7th for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. It was originally supposed to start this month but has been delayed for two weeks.

George Yang is a freelance writer for IGN

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