Fight against the kilos: here are the best applications to lose weight

Lifesum divides food intake into three categories – carbohydrates, proteins and fats – and automatically calculates what you need and how much. You can also set and adjust the proportion yourself, depending on whether you want to eat low-carb or high-protein, for example.

You can also track water intake with Lifesum and the app reminds you to drink. You can also save the workout – but sport units must be entered manually. Access to other fitness apps such as Runtastic is not possible.

The entered training workload is credited to calorie and water consumption – the app reminds you to eat and drink some more.

Premium Membership:

Premium members benefit from additional functions, such as detailed nutritional information or synchronization with fitness apps such as FitBit or Runkeeper.

Various diets are also offered here, such as plans for a ketogenic diet, fasting or clean eating.

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