FIFA 22: EA responds to hacker attacks on high-profile accounts

After a number of high profile FIFA 22 Ultimate Team retailers reported their accounts had been hacked and FIFA points and in-game currency withdrawn, EA responded that an investigation is underway and is working to restore everything these players have lost.

EA shared its update on the current situation on its The Pitch Notes Page, It can confirm that a number of accounts have been “compromised by phishing techniques.”

“Using threats and other ‘social engineering’ methods, malicious individuals were able to exploit human errors on our customer experience team and bypass two-factor authentication to gain access to player accounts,” EA wrote .

As of this writing, EA estimates that fewer than 50 accounts have been affected by these hackers and that it is working to “identify authorized account holders in order to restore access to their accounts and their contents, and affected players should expect a response from our team” . shortly.”

EA also shared a list of measures it has already taken to “increase administrative and technical security for EA accounts”. The changes are as follows;

  • All EA consultants and individuals who assist with the maintenance of EA accounts will receive individual retraining and additional team training with a special focus on account security practices and the phishing techniques used in this particular case.
  • We are implementing additional steps to the account ownership verification process, e.g. B. Mandatory management approval for all email change requests.
  • Our customer experience software is being updated to better identify suspicious activity, flag accounts at risk, and further limit the potential for human error when updating accounts.

EA warns that this can “affect customer experience wait times,” but also affirms that these are necessary steps that must be taken to keep EA accounts secure.

These hackers appeared to have submitted support tickets to EA and convinced the customer service representatives to give them the associated email and a link to reset their password. Some of these hackers just kept trying until a representative gave them what they were looking for.

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