Federal government warns of winter ‘sunburns’: they can affect anyone

Even if we can suspect it, the warning of brownouts this winter has nothing to do with the war in Ukraine or a possible shortage of natural gas. The problem lies in France. More nuclear power plants than usual are currently offline there.

On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the necessary maintenance work was postponed during the Corona crisis and now has to be caught up, and on the other hand, because 12 of the 56 reactors are currently withdrawn from the network due to the corrosion problems. In France itself, the situation is so serious that the State is preparing a blackout, that is to say a total blackout, this week. The French often heat themselves with electric heaters. So the colder it is in France, the more electricity we need. With European power grids connected, supply problems for French nuclear power plants would also affect Germany.

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