Federal Authority Warns: The Threat From Cybercriminals Is Currently Higher Than Ever

Each vulnerability in software or hardware products is a potential gateway for attackers and endangers information security in administration, business and society. In 2021, more than 20,000 vulnerabilities in software products have been discovered and recorded. This corresponds to a ten percent increase over the previous year.

BSI Vice President Gerhard Schabhüser explained that ransomware attacks are currently the biggest threat in the cyber domain. These are cyberattacks against companies, universities and authorities with the aim of extorting a ransom. During the reporting period, there were several ransomware incidents in which German municipalities were attacked.

The FDP parliamentary group’s domestic policy spokesman, Manuel Höferlin, said: “Apart from personal debates, the BSI must be expanded to become the central office for cybersecurity policy and become more independent.” The BSI must implement effective vulnerability management in order to systematically close security gaps. “In addition, all government agencies should be required to report any security breaches of which they become aware to the BSI and submit to regular external reviews of their IT systems.” The coalition will create a “secure legal framework” for this.

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