Faster alternative to Messenger: live chat on friends’ headphones – this iPhone app makes it possible

The principle of VoiceBeam is very simple and comes closest to a walkie-talkie function. After successfully registering your mobile number and freeing your phone book, log in to your saved contacts in the app. The app automatically detects who has already installed the app and who you can chat with.

Classic phone calls or Messenger voice messages not your thing? Then you should try VoiceBeam – because the principle is completely different.

With VoiceBeam, just put on the headset to connect with friends. VoiceBeam contacts then have the option to speak directly into your headset. Responding and therefore having live conversations is just as simple: friends just need to have their headphones on. So you don’t need to call, and you won’t call either. You are always connected, wherever you are.

And so that it doesn’t all end up in one mess: Of course, you decide in the app settings who can talk to you via instant sound on the headphones.

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