Fake program in Microsoft store while original was rejected

There are ways to spot counterfeits. In the past, for example, the “Screen Recorder Pro” was offered. At first glance, the app from the Microsoft Store seems quite normal – an app for just under 30 euros that is offered for free for a short time.

Nothing remarkable can be seen in the reviews either. Only a few users complain about the lack of features. This is nothing new, especially with a reduced application. It only gets weird when you look very closely at the screenshots – because they show the open source Captura 1:1 tool. However, this is only noticed by users who are actually familiar with Captura.

How are you supposed to protect yourself from fake apps if you don’t see any software at a glance? Before downloading from the Microsoft Store, and especially if it costs money or does not come from a well-known manufacturer at first glance, caution is called for.

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