Expert Reveals: It’s Better Not To Follow These Energy-Saving Tips

Coming in from the outside on cold fall and winter days, it makes sense to turn on the radiators at full blast to warm up as quickly as possible.

Our answer: This is not true.

If you crank it all the way up, the heater won’t necessarily heat up any faster. Because the levels only represent the final temperature that the part must reach. The highest level 5 corresponds to around 28 degrees Celsius – this is far too hot for most rooms. Since most heaters only turn off when the desired room temperature is reached, but a lot of heat escapes from most rooms, turning it on will ultimately only cost you money.

For cost reasons, we also recommend turning down your radiators by at least a degree or two. For example, you can save about 6% energy if you turn the radiator from 21 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius. In this article you will find out how exactly to read the symbols on the heating controller.

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