Exchange when ordering online: a handy tool tells you if you are authorized to do so

The exchange check is very easy to use: just click on the answer that applies to your case. Missing parts? Is the product a different color than the one ordered?

In any case, it is important that you have proof of purchase. This may be a receipt or, in the case of online purchases, the order confirmation sent by e-mail. If a reseller doesn’t send them at all, something is wrong.

In some fields you can also indicate exactly what is defective on the product or which parts are missing. Simply click on the quiz until you see no more options. You may receive advice and information such as this:

  • Set the seller a deadline for replacement, repair or recovery
  • how long you can still claim the warranty
  • withdraw from the purchase contract
  • Create a form letter

With the last option, you will receive a reproducible letter template directly from the manufacturer or seller of the product.

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