Everyone should have in their car: why you need a cell phone holder

Our main recommendation is the Floweme car phone holder, which is tight in ventilation. With 5 built-in magnets, your phone will be held steady and tight, and despite the strong magnetic force, it won’t affect a device’s signal.

Cables can be pulled through two holes on the side of the cellphone holder, which should avoid cable clutter. The rotatable ball head provides 360 degree rotation, so an optimal viewing angle can be set and navigation can be made easier. The stand comes with wide compatibility: from Apple devices to Android devices, almost anything is possible.

In addition to holders and magnets, Floveme provides you with round and transparent stickers. Namely, you can stick the sticker on the back of the phone first before sticking the metal plate on the sticker. This will prevent the traces from becoming visible.

Comparison to test location: what’s the difference?

For this comparison, a specialist publisher CHIP examined test reports from other publications as well as the most popular offers (“bestsellers”) and customer reviews from online retailers. Based on this, we made the product selection. When selecting the best devices, we focus on models with more than four stars and a reasonably high number of reviews. We have read a selection of customer reviews and selected devices that, based on our professional assessment, meet the needs of users. The products have not been tested in the CHIP test center.

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