Even beats Sodastream: the Mysoda Ruby is the test winner

The slim build Mysoda Ruby Sparkling Water Maker gives a lot visually. The device brings due to its high-quality stainless steel processing two kilogramson the scales. This gives the model sufficient stability. Unfortunately, there is no drip tray for water. Come with the bubbler two PET bottles, one 0.45 liter and one 0.9 liter. The bottles are well made like the water bubbler. Too bad that, despite the price, they are plastic and not dishwasher safe.

Bottles and the 425 gram cylinder can be easily clamped with just a few movements. Water continuously bubbles to tasteafter two seconds, the soft drink is ready for you.

Our conclusion at the time of the test:

“The Mysoda Ruby impressed in the test with its particularly easy handling, it is easy to clean and of high quality. The scope of delivery is also impressive with two bottles supplied, 0.9 liters and 0.45 liters. However , these bottles are not dishwasher-safe and there is no spillage catch basin. Additionally, moisture can collect in the bottom liner of the bottles – a potential hazard during transport of sensitive electronic devices in a backpack. In the video you can see what you need to watch out for with soda makers.”

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