Even 100-inch TVs look tiny: the best projectors for little money

Watch series, films and videos on the big screen? You don’t need to own a cinema for that. There are now many projectors on the market that bring detailed and crisp images to the (screen) wall. However, the best models are also among the most expensive. Such home cinema projectors can cost several thousand dollars.

Our CHIP experts’ test shows that you get good performance but also cheaper. In addition to the very expensive models, there are also a pair of affordable projectors under 1,000 euros in the top 10. One of them even did “well” in the test and is therefore a real price tip.

However, it should be noted that you always have to compromise with cheaper models. The best projectors in the test (the top 3 are currently determined by Sony) deliver around 4K resolution with high contrast detail and strong moving images. They also run relatively quietly and can also handle waste heat well.

Cheaper models, on the other hand, usually offer Full HD, and upscaling to 4K is only possible in rare cases. In addition to the image quality, the price difference is often also reflected in the equipment. You have to understand that you should not expect cinema quality from a video projector for less than 1,000 euros. We answer the most important home theater and projector questions below.

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