Energy-saving alternative: an overview of solar lights for the garden

Solar lights are a popular way to make your own garden a bit more atmospheric. They are even extremely ecological and economical. After all, they get their energy from the sun.

The quality and durability of the luminaires have been constantly improved in recent years. They are also available in different shapes, colors and functions.

What to pay attention to when buying a solar lamp:

  • The light intensity of the lamp: Should the lamp illuminate a path or do you just want a pleasant light for the garden? Not all models automatically emit bright light. If you want bright light, a halogen lamp is recommended as the light source. The yellowish LEDs make the light rather comfortable.
  • The battery storage effect: A long time storage effect of the battery makes a good solar light. The ampere or milliampere value on the packaging gives information about this. The battery should already complete at least 1000 charge cycles.
  • The processing of the file: The housing is usually made of metal or plastic and can be glued or screwed. It must be waterproof so that the electronics are protected from rainwater and humidity.
  • The lightweight material: You need to make the material of the solar light depend on its future location. Put it in a place without a roof if it is stainless steel or aluminum. In this way, the lamp is protected against the weather.
  • Lamp charging time: If you place the lamp in a place with little sunlight, you can use lamps that charge quickly when there is little light.

We have for you four solar lights recommended selected, which can also make your garden more atmospheric.

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