Emergency messages without a mobile network: Apple brings emergency calls via satellite to Germany

“Emergency Satellite SOS” is the name of a new Apple feature which is available on all iPhone 14 models. This allows users to send satellite messages, GPS coordinates, battery status and stored medical data to emergency services when out of town. cellular and Wi-Fi coverage. According to Apple, data transmission takes up to 15 seconds even under optimal conditions. If the environmental conditions are more difficult, it may even take a few minutes before the emergency call can be made.

If you want to let your friends and family know where you are when you are away from the mobile network, you can open the Where Is app and share the satellite location.

The feature is available now for users in the United States and Canada and is free for the first two years for iPhone 14 buyers. Users in France, Germany, Ireland and Great Britain should also receive the SOS function later this year.

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