Emergency lighting in the event of a power failure: With this trick, your candles will burn for several weeks

For this you need:

  • vegetable fat
  • A large glass jar
  • candles sticks

And here’s how to do it:

For this trick, you should use solid vegetable fat at room temperature (eg coconut oil). First melt the fat in the microwave or in a double boiler until it is completely liquid.

Then pour the liquid fat into your glass jar and place in the refrigerator until the fat has hardened. If the container is significantly lower than the container, then you can cut the candle to fit with a knife if necessary.

Finally, all you have to do is stick the dinner candle in solid grease. With particularly large glasses, you can also put several candles in one glass if necessary. Birthday candles, for example, are suitable for small glasses.

Depending on the size of the glass and the amount of fat used, this trick allows the candle to last up to 72 days with a daily burning time of 8 hours instead of the usual 5 hours.

Contrary to many assumptions, the living space does not smell of cooking grease when using Survival Candles. The candle is largely odorless.

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