The Effects Of Standing On Concrete All Day

Nowadays, there are many professions in which people have no choice but to stand on concrete all day. A lot of teachers, nurses, construction workers, cashiers, and teachers, to name a few, require standing concrete all day, causing their feet to ache.

Standing on your feet for prolonged periods may cause a lot of health-related issues.

And it gets worse if the shoes a person is wearing don’t provide them with the needed level of support.

So what are the effects of standing on concrete all day? Keep on reading this article to find out.

Effects of Standing on Concrete

standing on concrete

Knee Pain

Standing all day may cause pain around your knees. Your muscles work to keep holding you upright and without proper rest, the knee joint may get temporarily stuck.

Some signs to look for include pain when squatting or stiffness in the knees. And over time, this will most likely damage your knee. Or in extreme cases, you may develop osteoarthritis.

Foot Pain

Because of being in contact with the hard surface for a prolonged period, your feet may tire out or get weary and stiff. For easing the stress, try wearing comfortable shoes with a soft insole and lining.

In an ideal case, ensure to rest your feet and take breaks. Additionally, you can try to do some simple stretches, such as towel lifts or a foot roll for easing tight tendons.


A neuroma is usually characterized by pain at a ball of the feet. Other symptoms to look for include: tingling, pain between the toes of the feet as well as numbness.

There are various methods you can use to treat this condition, but keep in mind that the extent of treatment greatly depends on the severity of your symptoms. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to visit a podiatrist after experiencing the symptoms.


People who have to stand on their feet all day often experience fatigue. And the most affected areas include the muscles and bones.

When muscles are kept in constant flexion, they become exhausted very quickly which eventually results in swelling as well as pain radiating up into your leg bones.

Shin Splints

Standing on concrete all day also affects the shin and as a result, chances are high that you’ll develop inflammation as well as pain along an inner edge of the shin bone. Moreover, shin splints may cause the feet and muscles to feel stiff as well.

Thankfully, you can try treatment with anti-inflammatory medications for resolving the issue. Or you can opt for wearing calf compression sleeves which increase circulation while reducing inflammation.

If the above-mentioned options aren’t to your liking, you may try icing the sheets for twenty or thirty minutes and wearing orthotics or insoles in your shoes.

Stress Fracture

A stress fracture is another effect of standing on concrete all day. When the feet remain in constant contact with a hard surface, the stress gets transferred to the bones rather than the muscles.

For alleviating the stress that is associated with this condition, consume foods that are rich in calcium.

Additionally, try to avoid standing on your feet on the concrete surface whenever possible or shorten the duration at least.

Back Pain

When you spend a considerable part of your day standing on feet, you are most likely to experience severe back pain. This happens because of increased pressure on your spine, leading to muscle spasms.

For reducing the pain and easing the pressure, try taking regular breaks. Additionally, take off the shoes to help your nerves to relax. At home, apply a heating pad to an affected area and also try to do some simple stretches whenever you can. Getting regular massages is helpful too.

Plantar Fasciitis

This condition leads to pain at a point where the heel bone connects with an arch.

People who stand on concrete for prolonged periods or women who often wear high heels throughout the day often have to deal with this condition.

For treating this condition, try doing some stretching, using a heel pad, or pressing some ice onto the heel.

Final Thoughts

As can be seen, standing on concrete all day causes a lot of issues for many people. And if you are one of those people, try to follow the tips mentioned above and avoid standing on your feet for prolonged periods whenever possible so that you can avoid further complications.

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