E-Bike: KTM’s test winner at Stiftung Warentest

Finding an electric bike is not so easy. After all, the market is constantly growing and the selection of brands, models and types is getting bigger and bigger. Anyone who does not want to decide on a special bike is well advised to opt for an e-bike SUV. Not only are they roadworthy, but they can handle off-roading as well.

The test winner at Stiftung Warentest is particularly good at this: he is number 1 KTM Macina Aera 671 LFC from around 4200 euros. In terms of safety and durability, the high-quality eBike gets the maximum rating of “very good”. The handling of this KTM model is also quite simple, the battery is easy to charge and the settings are self-explanatory. Particularly practical: in the test it proved to be convincing both on and off-road.

The conclusion of Stiftung Warentest

“The very manoeuvrable bike rolls well everywhere, even with luggage – however, KTM only allows 10 kilos of payload. The best shifting system in the test, works very well uphill and has little jerk thanks to specially shaped gears Powerful, fine graded Bosch motor, under load but rather noisy 625 watt hour battery recharges quickly and can be easily inserted from above Generally best handling 150 lux lighting system is excellent.”To the detailed test report of Stiftung Warentest.

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