Dyson vacuums down in price: Dealer sells V12 Slim Absolute

Vacuum cleaners have now become real high-tech devices. A good example is the V15 Absolute Extra, also produced by Dyson. However, if all the sensors and screens are rather superfluous toys, you should probably feel more comfortable with the Dyson V12 Slim, because the V12 Slim is downright a purist among cordless vacuum cleaners: this variant offers much more than an on/off switch and three levels of suction No. In addition, the cordless vacuum cleaner is relatively light. Dust pickup is good overall, but can’t keep up with the larger Dyson models. A real weak point is the battery, which only lasts about eight minutes at maximum power. After all: at lowest power, the Dyson V12 Slim Absolute manages almost an hour. Charging time is about three hours.

Our conclusion at the time of the test:

“In the test, the Dyson V12 Slim Absolute proved to be a good, if not exceptional, offshoot of the famous vacuum cleaner manufacturer. Weighing only 1.4 kg in the hand, it is one of the lightest vacuum cleaners and heavier ones. What it gains in maneuverability, it pays for itself over other Dyson vacuums, it has some suction power and functionality. It’s just as loud and only slightly cheaper than its ” older ยป brothers and sisters.

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