Denis Villeneuves Dune is returning to IMAX for a limited time on December 3rd as the film hits nearly $ 100 million at domestic box offices.

As reported by Meeting, Dune is currently at $ 98.1 million at the domestic box office and will undoubtedly cross the $ 100 million mark this weekend without the help of IMAX max.

As it stands, Dune’s IMAX box office has hit nearly $ 50 million to date, which is 13% of global ticket sales and 20% of domestic box office sales. Dune was shot and formatted especially for IMAX and offers cinema-goers “26% more picture for the film”. In selected cinemas this number can increase from 1.42 to 40% with the IMAX-exclusive aspect ratio.

Although it released in theaters and on HBO Max on October 21, it ranked fifth at the domestic box office just last week, with $ 3 million in ticket sales.

In our Dune review, we said it was “a beautiful but imperfect epic, a technical marvel that spends too much time building a third act that never comes.”

For more information, see Dune Part Two’s announcement on how the film avoids the use of green screens and our explanation of its end.

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