Dune Part 2: Javier Bardem just wants to ride a sandworm

All Javier Bardem wants in the world is to ride a sandworm. Fresh from his role as Desi Arnaz in Being the Ricardos, Bardem spoke to him meeting about his hopes for Dune: Part 2, where he will reprise the role of blue-eyed Fremen warrior Stilgar.

In particular, Bardem talks about how he hopes to ride one of the giant sand monsters in the upcoming sequel. He even says he asked director Denis Villeneuve if he could make it happen.

Bardem is quick to point out that there is precedent in the series for Stilgar riding a sandworm.

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“[Denis Villeneuve] told me that he will try to make it happen. By the way, that’s in the book. Stilgar teaches Paul [Atreides] how to take the desert power which consists in domesticating these huge beasts to use their power, their strength and their enormous size against the Harkonnen. Hopefully that will happen,” says Bardem.

In the Dune books and films, sandworms are giant predators that emerge from the sand to devour travelers and even whole books. At one point in the film, a Fremen is seen riding a sandworm, but only for a moment. Who knows, maybe Bardem’s wish will come true.

Meanwhile, Bardem says he remains in the dark about the direction of the planned sequel.

“I haven’t read anything yet, so I’m not sure what’s next for me in ‘Dune.’ I know as much as you at this point. I heard there were scripts but I haven’t read anything,” says Badem. “I can’t wait to put myself in Denis Villeneuve’s hands again. I love the guy.”

Dune: Part 2 was officially announced back in October, not long after the release of the first film. Release is currently scheduled for fall 2023. While you wait, check out our explanation of what to expect from the sequel.

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