Dry feet, even in the rain: the best rubber boots

rubber boots Viking IV Trophy are able to convince Haus.de testers almost all along the line. 8.8 out of 10 points for the sturdy rain boots. The angular profile, the thick sole and the high wearing comfort make the model from the Norwegian manufacturer a real recommendation. Testers also praised the infinitely adjustable shaft width. This prevents water from getting inside the boots. The downside of the Trophy IV is the relatively heavy weight of the boots, which some might find annoying.

The price advice are the rain boots Giesswein Zwiedorf. The boots are already available over the counter for a standard price of 45 euros and come very close to the test winner in the overall rating. The wearing comfort is high, the upper is also adjustable and the well-padded insole is also impressive. In terms of tread depth, on the other hand, there is room for improvement. A model of eagle. The model Course 2 Vario is distinguished above all by a particularly high wearing comfort.

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