Dr. Sebi trends on social media as people discuss his controversial holistic teachings

Furious! Let Twitter post old stuff! With so many of us traveling and preparing for Christmas, some people have decided to meet Dr. Approaching Sebi on Twitter and his widely controversial teachings are now a trending topic.

As you may know, Dr. Sebi a self-proclaimed herbal healer who used herbal diets and alkaline water to supposedly cure illnesses. After establishing treatment centers in Honduras, Dr. Sebi moved his practice to New York and Los Angeles.

On Twitter, many talk about his attitudes towards HIV and other diseases. Some even said the pandemic wouldn’t be here if he were alive today.

While a large majority of the black community may stand up for his teachings, just as many do not. One person tweeted, “The damage Dr. Sebi inflicted on the black community cannot be reversed. ”Another person wrote:“ Dr. Sebi has awakened black heads all over the world and made them eat more healthily. “

Dr. Unfortunately, Sebi died in 2016 of pneumonia.

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