Dr. Anthony Fauci warns that the Omicron variant is much stronger and appears to “overtake all other variants including Delta”

Roommate, during a recent interview, Dr. Anthony Fauci gave a gritty update on the latest Omicron variant of the coronavirus. Dr. Fauci also stated that in addition to being stronger, Omicron “overtakes all other variants including Delta” while moving two and three times as fast.

Dr. Anthony Fauci was Very easy When asked about the ascending omicron variant of the coronavirus, he said that the latest highly contagious strain is “something to expect” and that “it is spreading really quickly, literally across the world and certainly in our own country”. He was quick to add that Omicron is proving to be more contagious and deadly than previous variants.

In addition, Dr. Anthony Fauci his recommendations for the busy trip ahead this Christmas season:

“If you are vaccinated and have a booster, and if you are careful when you travel, if you wear a mask all the time in an airport, you must wear a mask on the plane. Do not go to meetings attended by people whose vaccination status you do not know.

Nothing is 100% risk-free, but I think if you did the things I just mentioned, you would actually reduce that risk to such an extent that you feel comfortable enjoying your vacation. “

As we previously reported, the rapid spread of the Omicron variant has resulted in several cities and states closing their operations and businesses – California and New York were among the first to do so.

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