Download TikTok Videos: The Best Free Tools

A handy app for downloading TikToks is SnapTik TT, which has received many good reviews on the Google Play Store. Within the app, you can search or scroll through content as usual and easily download your favorite clips.

However, you can save the link to your mobile phone’s clipboard. SnapTik TT automatically grabs it the next time you open it. However, if you want to download the video in HD and with a watermark, be prepared for ads.

Unfortunately, this app is not available for iOS. In this case, you can also simply use the noTube web application, which we describe below.

For this you need the corresponding link. Finding this in the Android app is not so easy:

  1. First tap the share arrow.
  2. Next, scroll the bar with the featured social media apps to the left.
  3. This will reveal the “Copy Link” button, which you just need to tap.
  4. Now the link is in the phone’s clipboard and you can paste it anywhere.

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