Don’t Take a Shower Today: Taking a Cloth Is Actually Good for Your Skin

Those who forego the daily shower feel stronger at first, then often think washing more is the answer, Hamblin said. You can break this cycle. “After a certain time without intervention, a new balance is created on the skin and in the hair.”

The Munich dermatologist Marion Moers-Carpi welcomes the theses as a whole: “We expect a lot from our bodies. Many wash too much, too hot and too long.” Twenty minutes a day under a hot shower is useless and not good at all. People who already have skin problems like neurodermatitis should definitely be more careful, she points out.

Moers-Carpi, like Hamblin, says that daily exfoliation removes oils from the skin that the glands produce to protect the skin. This makes your skin drier and you might end up using moisturizers to create an artificial version of the oils. You can actually save yourself the middle step.

She herself showers about twice a week and uses little soap, explains dermatologist Moers-Carpi. The concept of the protective acid mantle, announced for a long time, is now controversial among dermatologists. She personally recommends the curd soap, which has been frowned upon for some time.

Finally, the Munich dermatologist specifies: “Ask your grandparents how often they bathed. In the past, the bath was generally only announced once a week. And they weren’t all stinky either.”

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