Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Hasbro Toy Reveals First Look at America Chavez

A new set of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Hasbro toys has revealed a first glimpse of America Chavez, who will be played in the upcoming Xochitl Gomez film, through the MCU.

Announced by wonder, the new set of six action figures includes three different versions of Doctor Strange plus Wong, Mordo and MCU debutante America Chavez, aka Miss America. Owning all six action figures also gives fans the parts necessary to assemble Rintrah – Marvel’s very own minotaur with green fur.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness figures

America Chavez first stepped on the Marvel framework in 2011 when she debuted in the comic book miniseries Vengeance. The heroine starred as part of the teen brigade of the comic strip franchise, but is best known for her role in 2013 Young Avengers, where she starred alongside another newcomer to the MCU – Hawkeye’s Kate Bishop.

Chavez’s entry into the MCU feels perfect as part of The Multiverse of Madness. Her powers that allow her to hit and travel through star shaped portals will surely come in handy, while her additional skills like super speed, strength and toughness, and the ability to fly are pretty nice additional bonuses. For a full breakdown of the teen heroine, including where she came from and where she came from, you can check out our full America Chavez breakdown.

Who is Marvels America Chavez? Doctor Strange explained in Madness’ Miss America’s Multiverse

Other recent Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness news recently reported that the film is making serious re-shoots. News of the additional filming came in early November, when members of the cast reportedly worked six days a week for six weeks to record the new footage. What the re-shoots mean for production is still unclear at this point. Before fans panic, however, a source close to the film claimed that there had been “major re-shoots in other MCU films.”

Toby Maguire is directing Spider-Man director Sam Raimi and Loki writer Michael Waldron is writing the new material for the additional scenes. While the re-recordings may not indicate any issues with the final cut of the film, Doctor Strange 2 already got off to a tumultuous start after Marvel announced that Doctor Strange’s director Scott Derrickson would not be leading the sequel due to creative differences.

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