DIY safety: comparison of work shoes with a protection class

Contusions, burns or puncture wounds: Handymen must protect themselves with safety shoes when working. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on it, as our comparison shows. And for those who care about looks: the modern work shoe is no longer an ugly block and leg with a steel toe cap.

What work shoes do I need?

Depending on the requirements, work shoes offer different protection classes. How to recognize the safety shoes you need:

  • SB (oil and petrol resistant sole)
  • S1 (SB+ cushioned heel + antistatic)
  • S1P (S1+ indestructible)
  • S2 (S1+ conditionally waterproof/water repellent)
  • S3 (S2+ indestructible)
  • S4 (S1+ waterproof)
  • S5 (S4+ indestructible)

In the table below you can see the models that have been well rated and correspond to the different protection classes. You can find more information about the selection and other topics below the table.

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