Disney patents an advanced virtual world simulator that does not require a headset or glasses

Disney has pending a patent for a Virtual World Simulator that allows it to simulate advanced digital worlds without users having to wear headsets or glasses.

As reported by SiliconValley.com, became the Walt Disney Company patent by the US patent and trademark firm on December 28th, which enables the company to create real-world theme park rides that allow multiple users to experience a 3D virtual world at the same time without the need for portable peripherals.

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According to the patent, Disney’s virtual spaces would be created using a series of high-speed projectors and a method known as SLAM, short for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping. In this way, they can continuously track and determine a user’s perspective of movement during a ride or attraction in one of the company’s parks.

A similar theme park experience was introduced on Super Nintendo World with the new Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge ride. The ride, which allows visitors to race through a course loosely based on stages from the Mario Kart series, has its own augmented reality feature while guests jump onto their own Mario Kart track.

During the experience, an augmented reality headband shows animated characters and direction arrows in front of your eyes, which the players can then “drive” with the built-in steering wheel of the rides to collect items from boxes.

Disney’s move to create similar experiences without the need and use of additional wearable technology will mark a step forward for the industry and likely turn the heads of amusement park enthusiasts if the plans to introduce the technology bear fruit.

In addition to creating immersive theme park experiences, Disney’s patent also seems to suggest that the technology could be adapted for home use. The patent states that the virtual world simulator could be used to enable the conversion of a real-life venue in the form of a personal residence or photo studio into a movie set without the user having to leave their home. While it feels like it may be a long way off, the idea that the company is working on such technologies is still a very exciting prospect.

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