Dishwasher tip: why you should always put aluminum foil with cutlery

Of course, you can restore the original look of the cutlery with careful polishing. But who has the time to painstakingly polish every spoon, fork and bread knife by hand? The foil trick is much faster and much easier. In an Instagram video, a user demonstrates how the dishwasher hack works.

All you need is a standard piece of aluminum foil. Crumple it into a small ball. It is important that the shiny side faces out. The aluminum ball now goes in the cutlery basket of the dishwasher – select the usual wash cycle, wait and be surprised: the cutlery shines like new again.

It all works because the so-called rust film, e.g. from the screws inside the machine, now settles on the aluminum foil instead of the cutlery. To some extent, this acts as a lightning rod, as it oxidizes more easily than the premium stainless steel of cutlery and is therefore more susceptible to rust.

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