Disgusting moths in food? It really helps with that

The worst performers in the test were DFNT Anti-Moth Spray, Envira Moth Spray and Patronus Anti-Moth Spray. Ingredients here include esbiothrin and permethrin, synthetic pesticides that are also harmful to humans. Both substances can cause drowsiness, headaches and nausea if ingested in excess.

According to ÖKO-TEST, experts from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) took a closer look at the ingredient esbiothrin and came to the conclusion that the risk to human health is unacceptable. Sun exposure would accumulate substances that could trigger changes in the genome. According to a decision of the European Commission, insecticides containing esbiothrin must be withdrawn from the market by the end of January 2022 at the latest. This also applies to the three moth sprays mentioned.

Gerobug Protect moth spray and Insect-Out moth spray contain chrysanthemum extract, which is less dangerous than permethrin and esbiothrin, but also has a neurotoxic effect. These sprays also offer only a “poor”. Naturgut moth spray is based on an active ingredient derived from a type of lavender, Silberkraft moth spray with geraniol. According to ÖKO-TEST, both substances are probably less toxic, but can cause contact allergies. As a general rule, ÖKO-TEST advises against aerosols, as contaminated food must be disposed of anyway.

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