Disgusting discovery: ÖKO-TEST discovers dead worms in smoked salmon

Among the products tested, there are also cheap ones Organic offers from discounters. norma takes second place with wild salmon Fjord Krone Sockeye. In addition to the fishing method, the testers only criticized that the salmon was unevenly salted. Overall Norma smoked salmon is “good”. Also Gut Bio smoked salmon from Aldi can get a “good” rating. Points are deducted here for appearance as the salmon is not presented properly in the pack. Furthermore, low-stress felling can only be partially documented.

from conventional offers You can also find supermarket and discount products. However, all brands only get “satisfactory” here. The smoked salmon were able to convince in terms of smell and taste during the first tasting, but during the second tasting on the respective expiry date, some salmon are already fatty, fishy, ​​too salty or poorly cut or brownish in color . ÖKO-TEST therefore recommends consuming the products before the expiry date. Alternatively, retailers should indicate a slightly earlier expiry date. This is the case, for example, of the Scandinavian smoked salmon Almare AldiBerida Smoked Salmon pennyNautica Norwegian Smoked Salmon lidl and good and cheap Norwegian smoked salmon from Edeka.

You can read the detailed test report Read it for free on ÖKO-TEST.

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