Disgust alarm: These rest stops failed national scrutiny

The Complete Service Area Audit PDF breaks down state by state which service areas tested worked well and which failed completely.

Maps in the PDF show how federal states perform in areas such as road safety, family friendliness, accessibility as well as cleanliness and hygiene – but only at rest areas that even have toilets.

In some categories, the new Länder achieve much better results. When it comes to cleanliness, there is a need for improvement, especially in Bremen and Rhineland-Palatinate. Across the country, rest areas without toilets are worse than those with toilets.

If you are looking for specific service areas or locations, follow these steps:

  1. Open the PDF in a reader or browser.
  2. Press CTRL + F to activate the search function.
  3. Enter a search term, such as the name of the rest area, city or highway.

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