Discounters and supermarkets hesitate: tons of gold are lost

Since July 1, supermarkets and parapharmacies must also accept old electronic devices in order to increase the collection rate. Prerequisites according to § 17 of the Electrical Equipment Act:

The sales area must be more than 800 square meters.

Appliances, such as a mobile phone, a toaster or a kettle, must not have an edge length of more than 25 centimeters.

In the case of larger devices, the dealer must also take back the old device free of charge when purchasing a new device of the same type.

Markets regularly have their own electrical appliances in their range. This should probably apply to most branches of discounters, large drugstores and large supermarkets, which now carry everything from hair dryers to plasma cutters.

Department stores then have the option of depositing all their old equipment free of charge in a local recycling centre.

In Germany, local authorities are required to set up collection points for used electronic devices and usually return them there free of charge. There are currently around 2,400 collection points, from recycling centers to collection containers.

Since July 2016, electronics stores with a sales area of ​​more than 400 square meters have been obliged to take back old devices free of charge. Since July, supermarkets too.

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