Discount detergent convinces Stiftung Warentest: test winners and alternatives

test winner with a rating of 1.8 (“good”) it was Aldi Tandil Ultra Plus washing powder (nearly 3.85 euros for 2.025 kilograms). Denkmit powder detergent for intensive use from dm (approx. 2.55 euros for 1,350 kilograms) and the heavy-duty detergent Shetlan Supercompact from Penny (3.85 for 2,025 kilograms).

Other low-cost retailers also performed “well” in the test:

  • Powerful detergent Rossmann Domol
  • Edeka Good & Cheap Heavy Duty Detergent
  • Lidl Formil Ultra Plus
  • Net Priva Ultra Power Detergent
  • Rewe yes super compact complete detergent

Although powder generally performs better than liquid detergent, only two powders are “enough”: Spee Megaperls Multi Aktiv and Megaperls from Weißer Riese.

To the big ones losers Power liquid detergents and caps include Lenor 2in1 Detergent, Ariel Universal + Actilift + Power, Spee Aktiv Gel, Edeka Gut & Billig Aktiv 3in1 Detergent Caps, Netto Priva 3in1 Active Detergent Caps and Persil 4in1 Universal Discs. In the test you only get “good enough”. This is due to the lack of washing effect and the gentle treatment of textiles. Some detergents are only weakly able to remove stains and dirt or cannot protect against the graying of clothes.

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