Disastrous results: only one butter performed well in the test

Stiftung Warentest also tested some brands of butter – the result of the study published in the magazine “test” (issue 04/2018) was not so critical. After all, about every second brand of butter existed here. However, some well-known brands have already attracted negative attention here. The well-known brand Kerrygold, for example, also failed the four-year test with the rating “poor”.

How can the test results be so different?

On the one hand, the time periods should not be forgotten here: the Stiftung Warentest test is a bit older, so the manufacturers may have changed production, composition and packaging – all of this can affect Ingredients.

On the other hand, each test uses a different standard: For example, how critically are the ingredients evaluated and which are still within the limit values ​​- and with what weighting against the other properties examined, such as the taste and consistency?

It is therefore not surprising that each test can lead to slightly different results. It is all the more important to understand what was tested and how, in order to be able to relate the results.

It is worrying, however, that some brands of butter have failed in two different tests – and this despite such a long time span between tests.

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