Did you know? Here are the 5 most common mistakes when making coffee

Error 3: Pre-ground coffee

If you prefer to buy whole grains, you cannot avoid grinding grains with conventional machines that are not fully automatic. Many already pre-grind the beans for storage. But it can significantly affect the taste and quality of the coffee. Because ground coffee loses its aroma very quickly. It is best to leave the coffee beans just before brewing. In this article, you will find out how to recognize very good coffee beans during your next shopping trip.

Mistake 4: Brewing with boiling water

When making Turkish coffee or using a French press, many are tempted to immediately pour boiling water over the coffee. However, hot water is particularly bad for the taste of the drink. Because the hot water releases the important bitter substances of the coffee and the aroma evaporates in a very short time; So coffee not only tastes bitter and burnt, but it is also bad for the stomach.

It is best to pour coffee with a water temperature of 90-95 degrees. If you don’t have a kettle with a temperature display, you can also let the water cool for two to three minutes after boiling before using it.

Error 5: Poor water quality

The taste of coffee is often linked to the quality of the water used. Although it is difficult to influence the quality of tap water, you can easily use mineral water or a water filter if the water is too hard. Also make sure that the water is not too soft, otherwise the coffee will quickly taste tasteless or neutral.

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