DeVon Franklin is seeking termination of spousal maintenance

Roommate, more information on Meagan Good and Devon Franklin’s divorce is available. According to documents received from The explosion, Devon makes sure their wealth is safe who gets what. DeVon is asking the court to end his ability to provide spousal support to a person. According to reports, this usually means there was a prenuptial agreement. The estranged couple reportedly split for four months prior to the official divorce.

Also, it looks like the filing was due to irreconcilable differences. As we reported earlier, the estranged couple released one Joint statement published, which reads: “After much prayer and reflection, we have made the decision to separate, but forever bond, to go into our future.” The statement goes on to say: “We are celebrating almost a decade of marriage together and an everlasting love. There is no one to blame, we believe that this is the next best chapter in the development of our love. “

DeVon and Meagan added, “We are incredibly grateful for the life changing years we have spent together as husband and wife. We are also very grateful to God for the testimony that has been created in both of us and for blessing our lives together. ”The news continues to be discussed online, and Meagan’s name is trending all day. People say they are ready to see Meagan return to her old ways before marrying the pastor.

One user tweeted, “I hate the end of relationships, but good god, I’ve had enough of Pastor Meagan Good, BRING BACK THE BADDIE.” Another user tweeted, “Meagan Good and her husband are getting divorced ???! See, that’s why I just stick with premarital sex. It’s the same result. ”If you recall, in 2016 Meagan talked about taking a vow of celibacy before marrying DeVon. Roommate, leave a comment and let us know what you think about DeVon’s latest request.

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