Detention developers are turning away from horror with a new Sekiro-inspired action game

Red Candle Games, the Taiwanese studio behind the critically acclaimed horror adventure game Detention, has announced that its next project will include a genre change as the studio seeks to bring to life an action game inspired by From Software’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice .

As announced on Twitter, Red Candle Games’ next project is Nine Sols – “a traditional hand-drawn 2D action platformer with Sekiro-inspired, distraction-focused combat.” While very few details about the game have been revealed, the studio teased the game’s premise with a brief explanation alongside some artwork.

According to the tweet, players who enter Nine Sols will “embark on a journey of the Asian imagination, exploring the land that was once home to an ancient alien race, and following a vengeful hero’s quest to find 9 Sols, rulers of an abandoned one Rich to kill. “

As seen above, the additional concept art shared by the studio features a seemingly anthropomorphic cat looking into its own reflection in a pool of blood. While further details about the game’s plot are not yet revealed, it seems like it could be based on a mix of natural and technological themes.

Where one of the corpses on the floor in the background appears to have a mechanical link protruding from her lifeless body and the floor of the massacre exuding the same green vibrations as an old motherboard, a beautifully staged natural world can be reflected somewhat ironically in the blood-soaked scene of death and destruction.

While Nine Sols now has an official title, this isn’t the first time the studio has shown footage from the game. Earlier this year, the developer posted a short 12-second clip on Twitter showing the game’s clean 2D style and the structure of a battle sequence.

Nine Sols will be Red Candle Games’ third project. In 2017, the studio released its critically acclaimed horror adventure game Detention, in which players are trapped and vulnerable in a haunted high school. After the success of Detention, the studio returned to the horror genre with the introduction of Devotion in 2019.

Similar to the detention, the horror of 2019 was initially greeted with critical praise. However, just a week after its launch, the game was inundated with poor reviews from Chinese citizens. These were the result of an art object built into the game that attracted comparisons that compared Chinese President Xi Jinping to Winnie the Pooh.

After the controversy, the game was removed from the list by Steam and remains removed from the platform to this day. In 2021, the game will be available digitally for the first time in two years and can be downloaded from the studio’s own e-shop.

Given the kudos that the studio’s first two games received – aside from controversial Winnie the Pooh memes – Nine Sols could certainly be a game to keep on your radar for the future. While the studio continues to reveal details about the action platformer’s development, it has remained silent about a possible release date for the game.

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