Defy wind and weather: the best winter jackets

Whether it’s light rain, snowfall or very freezing winter cold, a good winter jacket is suitable for a wide temperature range from around 0°C to -40°C , depending on the activity. Additionally, many models provide moisture protection to some degree. However, a decent winter jacket for outdoor use should also be as light as possible and provide plenty of storage space. Making the wrong choice here can quickly become very expensive, as winter jackets for the outdoors are generally not a bargain.

Our cooperation partner Outdoor Magazin therefore tested 19 winter jackets from well-known brands extensively and paid particular attention to properties such as insulation, moisture protection, workmanship and wearing comfort. . In addition to the criteria to be objectively evaluated, the jackets have also been worn by writers in practice under various conditions.

For a quick overview, we have summarized the three most interesting models for you: the test winner, a price tip and an interesting alternative to the winner. As a rule, there are models for both men and women. You will find more details about the winter jackets shown here, other tested models as well as general information and advice in our detailed purchase advice.

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