Death Stranding Director’s Cut hits PC this spring

Death Stranding Director’s Cut will officially be brought to PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store in spring 2022, publisher 505 Games announced today.

Death Stranding’s PC port has also been confirmed to be among the first games to support Intel’s XeSS supersampling technology, allowing PC gamers to upgrade their rigs without adding extra in-game horsepower. While no additional information has been shared outside of Intel’s XeSS support, we may not have to wait that long to see more information on what to expect from the Death Stranding Director’s Cut PC port.

This is the second time Death Stranding has been ported to PC, as the original version was previously released on PC in July 2020 and was released on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. This version was the first to receive crossover content from Half-Life and Cyberpunk 2077 before making its way to the PS5 version via the Director’s Cut.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut Screenshots

Death Stranding Director’s Cut originally appeared on PlayStation 5 last year. Although the game’s creator, Hideo Kojima, doesn’t like to refer to it as the “Director’s Cut”, this version of Death Stranding introduced major changes that were not available in the original version, new combat skills, additional activities, and the devastating removal of all official Monster Energy branding.

In our review of the Death Stranding Director’s Cut, IGN’s Tristan Ogilvie rated the game a 7/10 and noted that while the Director’s Cut was more accessible than the original, it still “feels like a compromised version of the director’s vision.”

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